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Seoul’s Nightlife

In addition to drinking in public, hookup culture is alive and well in Korea. It is even called a “one-night stand” in Korean. Although the majority of Korean adults do not engage in such lustful activities, a small minority do. Clubs and bars are the usual destinations for hook ups. Some areas of Seoul are known for their cocktail bars, and the hippest area of Itaewon is famous for these clubs.

Korean night clubs are known for booking women and men. Men generally go with male friends and order drinks and bar food, while women visit with female friends. After ordering drinks, waiters then bring women to sit with them. Once seated, they are expected to make small talk and tip each other. Women can stay together the rest of the night, if they want to. Although booking clubs have waned in popularity in South Korea, many still exist.

While the upscale areas of Seoul have their own unique vibes, the upscale neighborhoods of Gangnam and Apgujeong are both thriving areas for nightlife. While the former may not have as much sex as the latter, both districts offer plenty of options to enjoy a night on the town. In addition to hipster bars, there are also some upscale restaurants and bars where foreigners can have a good time.

Those seeking a more adult atmosphere can head to a hip hop club. The international district of Hongdae is known for its Friday and Saturday night outings. Many of these clubs feature hip hop and rap music. The older generation will enjoy hip hop at a club called Cakeshop, but the music selection is more limited and the prices are a bit higher. However, the clubbing experience will be the highlight of your trip wotpost.

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