Cricket Betting – What is a Match Winner 3way?

If you are new to cricket betting, you might be wondering what a match winner 3way bet is. If you are unsure of what to look for in a 3way bet, you can read on to learn about the basics of cricket betting. A 3way bet is a bet where you are required to make a decision on a winner or a draw. This bet is also known as the match winner market and offers more options than a one-day game.

The three-way market is popular in test and ODI cricket, but there are also cases where a draw is a legitimate outcome. Other sports such as rugby union and football, which have legitimate draw outcomes, are also open to three-way betting. Additionally, many individual sports have legitimate draw results, such as the league formats of snooker and darts. In addition to cricket, a 3-way bet is available for tennis.

Unlike in traditional sports betting, cricket bettors can also wager on a series of matches to win. In other words, if the home team wins two games and loses one, the match winner is the team that wins the series. In cricket betting, the team with two wins and one loss might win the series with three wins and a draw. The player chooses the correct score and wins the bet.

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